Rimoon Intellectual Property Agency, Ltd was established in 2005, and Dr. Xin LIU took office as president in March 2010. We provide a wide range of IP legal services relating to patents, utility modes, designs and trademarks. Our practices cover the whole spectrum of IP practices, including domestic and foreign patent and trademark application, invalidation, legal consultation, patent and trademark search, patent and trademark assignment, licensing, administrative complain, infringement litigation, customs registration, etc. Rimoon possesses highly capable professionals specialized in English and Japanese IP practice.

We handle patent cases in a vast range of technology, including but not limited to electronics, telecommunications, materials, mechanics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, etc. Our President, Dr. LIU, gained his Ph.D in Japan and worked on basic science research and in IP field for many years in Japan, and is qualified as both Chinese Patent Attorney and Japanese Patent Attorney. He possesses abundant experience in dealing with various IP issues in China and other countries. Our lawyer was a former judge specialized in Intellectual Property and bears extensive experience in IP litigation.

Based on our rich experience in IP law and technology, high capacity of deaing with IP matter, and diligence in promoting our cause, we promise to offer considerate and superior IP services to our clients.



President: Xin LIU

  1. Chinese Patent Attorney

  2. Japanese Patent Attorney

  3. Ph.D



  1989 Received B.S. in Nuclear Physics from Peking University
  1992 Received M.S. in Experimental Nuclear Physics from Peking University
  1994 Went to study in Tsukuba University in Japan for Ph.D
  1994-1996 Worked for Ph.D degree in a Japan National Laboratory "The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN)"
  1997 Received Ph.D degree from Tsukuba University in Japan
  1997-2000 Worked as Post-Doctor in Tokyo University and in The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN)


Work Experience



Worked in top Japanese patent law firms in Tokyo
    Qualified as Chinese Patent Attorney in 2002
    Qualified as Japanese Patent Attorney in 2004
  March/2010 Took office as president of Rimoon Intellectual Property Agency, Ltd


Job Description

  Oct/2000-Aug/2008 Eight Years' Work Experience in Top Japanese Patent Firms
    Dealt with a large amount of patent cases for top Japanese companies,

drafting and translating English, Japanese and Chinese patent specifications, and filing patent applications in various countries
    office action response in various countries
    issuing legal opinions on patent infringement and invalidation
    IP legal consultation for companies

President of Rimoon Intellectual Property Agency, Ltd.


Lead Rimoon in dealing with various IP cases such as,


patent applications in China and other countries
    patent specification drafting for local and foreign companies
    trademark, design patent applications in China and other countries

patent invalidation, trademark appeal, patent and trademark search, counterfeiting disputes, litigation, patent and trademark trading, contract, license, etc.